I don’t really mind cabin fever

as long as I’m someplace surrounded by books or interesting old things.

But this past weekend it actually got up near 30 degrees, and I find myself wanting to get out & visit some of the shops I haven’t been to in what seems like ages.

I’m going to make a list of shops to visit before the end of the summer. One of the first stops will be the Dane’s Home in Waupaca, Wis. We’ve always had good luck finding great old antiques there. Antique finds abound! Even if we don’t walk out with anything, it’s time well spent. And it’s a fantastic old three-story building, too!

Years ago (I think way back when he still put some effort into impressing me), my husband bought a gorgeous cut crystal vase for me for Valentine’s Day. I think they even wrapped it for him. No one thought to take the price tag off the bottom of the vase though. I still can’t believe he spent that much on a Valentine for me.

I have to say that’s by far my favorite Valentine ever!

By the way, do any of you participate in picking up vintage Valentines and passing them along for Valentine’s Day? Or any other greeting cards for that matter?

Let us know. What a great way to go green!

I think next year I’m going to turn the Christmas cards I’ve received in the past into postcards and recycle them by sending them on their way to new recipients. After all, many cards are just too beautiful to stash away in a drawer. I’d feel better about sharing them with at least one more recipient.

— Karen