I wear two hats

Sandy Sparks here, posting on Noah’s blog. While the cat’s away…

When I’m not wearing my Associate Editor – Antique Trader hat, I can be found wearing my other headpiece, that of Editor – Postcard Collector magazine.

National Postcard Week is the first week in May. Every year readers send in a sample of the postcards they make to celebrate their special week. Some are completely hand-made, some are photographs, some are computer-generated, but all are creative and fun. Postcard Collector shows them off on the pages of the magazine and this year, on the magazine’s Web site: www.postcardcollector.com.

Want to join the fun? I can’t promise to make you rich and famous, but I do promise to enjoy every postcard sent and yours might even make the cover!

Put your creativity in gear and make a postcard. Send it, in an envelope, please, to:

Postcard Collector
700 East State St
Iola WI 54945
attn: PC Week

If you want to trade with other postcard makers, add a note to that effect. Who knows? You might discover one more thing to collect — postcards!

Questions? Email me at sandra.sparks@fwpubs.com. I’m looking forward to seeing your creations.