I’m not the only character in the kitchen

Shredding potatoes, and carrots, and onions, oh my!

As I was preparing breakfast yesterday, it occurred to me as I took out my well-used Mouli to make homemade hashbrowns, that I prefer using this little mid-20th century marvel to the electric, dishwasher-safe food processor that I received as a gift a few years ago. For some reason, I don’t even think about using the electric food processor. The Mouli is just so simple and easy, whether I use it to thinly slice potatoes, or grate nuts or chocolate, or shred potatoes or carrots; I know I sound like a commercial, but I just love it!

I was fortunate to find my Mouli somewhere along the way, shortly before I set up house back in the early ’90s; I think I found my little kitchen treasure at a garage sale during one of the local favorite “city-wide rummage” sales. I know I didn’t pay very much for it … I want to say it was less than $10 … but in my opinion these little beauties are worth their weight in platinum. Mouli.jpgAnd you can still find them today, both new and old. (Here’s an old one listed on Ruby Lane; this one’s in much better condition than mine.) I think the old ones have more character.

Image courtesy Charming and Cheap Vintage Collectibles, a Ruby Lane shop.

I remember seeing the commercials for these early food processors in the 1970s, though I know they’ve been around much longer than that (the one shown here is marked with a 1950 patent date); I’ve been a fan since I was a small child and watched my Mom use hers on occasion. It seems to me she used to use hers when making homemade carrot cake (now she just uses a cake mix when she has a hankering for carrot cake … it’s just not the same) but I don’t remember her ever letting me do it. I don’t know if she was afraid I would hurt myself or if she just wanted to have the fun task of doing the shredding. Yes — that’s right — fun. The Mouli makes shredding/grating/slicing fun!

Hmmm. I think I’ll make a fresh, homemade carrot cake and take it over to my parents’ house and see if she remembers (and still has) her Mouli. I’ll let them provide the coffee …

Do you remember the Mouli? Or still use yours? Is there another vintage kitchen gadget that you just won’t retire? Post a reply and let us know.

— Karen