Is there a safe place to sell?

Knapstein_Karen.jpgI read the following in one of my favorite collectibles forums:

in-laws have inherited
tons of things that look to me to be
collectors items or things of worth to others. She doesn’t want these
things and I want to try and help her get rid of some of them.  I don’t
want to give things that are worth money away for free ya know ’cause
they don’t have much money as is.”

then shortly after, I received this:

“After reading commentary re: eBay
(Antique Trader 7/23/08), I wouldn’t list as a beginner but I do have
variable items such as pottery and furniture that I inherited and would
like to sell.  Would your experienced readers have any suggestions as
to where I can list items I’m interested in selling and not get

I’m seeing a trend. I think in these difficult economic times, and with the Boomer and earlier generations
beginning to pass on their
lifetime collections, people are looking to sell some of the items they don’t need or want.

we turn to you, the Antique Trader readers for your input on safe and
cost-effective places to sell, whether they are brick-and-mortar or
based on the Internet.

do you think: In your opinion, where can someone sell their pottery, furniture, collectibles — what-have-you — and not be cheated?

We would appreciate you dropping a line to
and letting us know, or you can post a reply here on the Antique Trader blog.

Remember: We welcome your questions and commentary at any time.

— Karen