IVPDA online poster show a tour around the world

Who is The International Vintage Poster Dealer Association (IVPDA)?

Life is Beautiful poster.jpgAccording to their website, the IVPDA is a
non-profit association that was founded in 1996 by a group of highly
respected poster dealers from North America and Europe. It
was created to inform and educate the public, collectors and other
buyers and to help promote the appreciation of the wide variety of
vintage posters from around the globe.

Why is the IVPDA is important? The Association, with more than 80 members, provides strict guidelines
to ensure the authenticity of the posters they offer for sale and to
promote ethical and fair business practices.

Buyers who do business (pleasure) with IVPDA dealers can do so with confidence.

But I digress … the IVPDA is great and all, but I really wanted to tout their spring online show titled Life is Beautiful,” which is part of a series of ongoing online exhibitions.

When you click through and visit their show (which can be viewed by clicking HERE or on the poster image above) be prepared to spend some time perusing and appreciating all the wonderful vintage posters on exhibit.

Many are beautiful, many are intriguing and thought-provoking … take your time.


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