Jaw-dropping pearl …


I was reading through the auction news this morning and my jaw dropped … and actually “popped!”

There are a lot of things that I see cross my desk that make me pause in wonder and amazement. I hope I never lose my sense of curiosity and wonder. Nothing has ever made my jaw drop though. Figuratively — yes. Literally — nope. Until now.

Weiss AT 7-29 Pearl.jpgThis morning I was spying a curious picture and I couldn’t figure out what it was that I was looking at. You may laugh (you won’t be the only one), but I thought it looked like some sort of calcified brain … morbid, I know. I read the accompanying article. Wow. Wow-wow-wow.

Can you imagine a five-pound pearl? Yes, you’re reading correctly. Five pounds and measuring six inches across. I can’t call it a beauty … after all, I thought it looked like a brain. And I’m sure it’s not destined for a jewelry setting. But it is a fantastic curiosity of natural history.

Philip Weiss will be auctioning this curiosity some time in September. Stay tuned! We’ll let you know what’s going on.

You can also keep an eye on the Weiss Web site at www.philipweissauctions.com/.

Do any of you think it looks like a “white brain” too? Come on, be honest …

— Posted by Karen Knapstein


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