Mummies are fascinating – Female mummies even more so

Ancient Egypt captures the imaginations of old and young alike – even mid-lifers like me.

BBC News posted an article that captured my attention today:

Mummy of female pharaoh uncovered

Egyptologists have discovered the remains of a mummy thought to
belong to a queen who ruled 4,300 years ago, Egypt’s antiquities chief
has said.

It’s a brief article. Stories like this make me squirm in my chair and want to say “tell me more, tell me more!”

I remember once asking one of my college professors about new discoveries and their impact on how we interpret history. His response was something like: as time goes on, the chance of such discoveries decreases, along with the chance of re-interpreting history.

It made sense to me at the time. But now I find myself unsatisfied with that answer and looking forward to new discoveries of the old.

Do any of you have an opinion you’d like to share?

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