One of my favorite auction finds

Many (more than I care to admit) years ago, B.C. (before children) in fact, my husband and I attended an estate auction in Hortonville, Wis. We arrived the requisite two hours early so we could properly scope the goods for Knapstein beer memorabilia … there was none listed in the auction bill, but since Hortonville is so close to New London – the brewery’s location – there was a pretty good chance they would have some undiscovered breweriana gold.

While looking the goods over, I found a beautiful old rotary-dial candlestick telephone. It was PERFECT. I don’t “collect” telephones, but I do collect interesting things. I call my home’s decor “vintage eclectic” … I just want to have interesting things to look at everywhere I look. I told my husband that I was going to buy it. And, of course, he said “Go for it!”

I don’t remember if we got any Knapstein brewery items that day, but I did get my candlestick telephone. It was the very first item they pulled off the wagon when they started the auction and people weren’t paying attention yet. The auctioneer called the opening bid, I jumped on it, and no one bid against me so I got it – for $15!

I couldn’t believe that I actually got it … and for less than $20, too.

We’ve moved since then, and most of our belongings went into storage while we remodeled our house. Now I just have to find it again …

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— Karen                     

Karen Knapstein

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