One of those rare finds

Knapstein Brewery angel beer tray

My husband and I collect Knapstein Brewery memorabilia. We’ve been actively collecting for almost 20 years, and every once in a while we find something that’s truly rare. Here’s a picture of one of those rare finds. We’ve seen many Knapstein beer trays, but this is the only one of these that we’ve ever seen.

We compete with many family members who also collect Knapstein breweriana, and of course with all those collectors who are general breweriana enthusiasts.

I wouldn’t say it’s our “holy grail,” but it’s up there. A friend of ours who owns an antique shop had been “working” on the owner of this tray for 10 years before we were finally able to acquire it.

What would your “holy grail” be? Have you found it already? How long have you been looking?


Karen Knapstein

About Karen Knapstein

Karen Knapstein is the editor of Antique Trader magazine. A lifelong collector and student of antiques, she has written dozens of articles on vintage collectibles and their historical context. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Joseph, and daughter, Faye. She can be reached at