Question of the week – affected by Wall Street woes?

Do Wall Street ups and downs affect your buying or your business?

These are iffy days in the American economy. No government official has come right out and said it, but the hints of the “R” word are everywhere and, last week at the Atlantique City Antiques Show in Atlantic City, NJ, the economy was very much on the mind of dealers and customers alike.

There’s billion dollar losses, and billion dollar bailouts, and a whole shadow economy between the largest banks in the world that’s so far bigger than our actual economy that it’s frightening to contemplate, especially when you think about what would happen is all these uber-banks went belly up. I’ve heard it twice now on NPR, so no telling me I’m a conspiracy theorist…

That, however, is enough nay-saying, no nabob of negativism I, but I am curious about whether or not the woes on Wall Street have an actual effect on the nuts and bolts of our businesses and hobbies.

Personally, it seems like a good time to get some money into antiques, as we all know that good items hold their value, and that as the economy worsens, people will most likely sell. Ergo, deals are out there… Go and get ’em.

Here’s the question put formally, then: Do Wall Street ups and downs affect your buying or business?

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