Question of the Week – EBay to end live auction affiliations. Will this affect your buying?

Since former eBay CEO Meg Whitman stepped down and new management took over, there has been a host of well-publicized changes at the online auction giant. Changes in fee structure, limits on selling “digital” items and now, the latest, was an announcement from the company that it will, by the end of the year, end its “Live Auction” affiliations.
What does this mean? Exactly what it sounds like. No longer will eBay be partnering with brick and mortar auction houses, both big and small, to broadcast auctions live over its interface. This will surely have some smaller houses shaking a little bit, and the bigger ones not so much. EBay has also stated that the live auction segment is not too big a part of its business, thus the end of the experiment. What exactly does “not too big” mean? To a juggernaut like eBay, probably $100M or so… Pocket change, really.

The question this week for AT readers is this, then: How much have you used the eBay Live Auctions feature, and will this change affect your online auction buying?
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