Question of the week – Joined any eBay Boycotts lately?

Every major media outlet has, by this point, covered the recent changes to eBay’s system as announced by CEO-elect James Donahoe, and the resultant reactions of outrage that sellers expressed when they were made public.

Those reactions have also been covered here in the online and print versions of Antique Trader.

A lot of sellers have participated in alternate auctions in direct protest of the changes, while some have boycotted eBay altogether, while many – just being practical – have simply moved to diversify their business by moving a good portion of it to other sites while still keeping a percentage of it with eBay.

I’m not much of an online seller or buyer, but I have been curious to know if there is any extended movement away from eBay – at least a month’s worth – or if, as eBay, its board and its stockholders have bargained on, sellers have simply shrugged it off and accepted the changes as fact.

Here’s what Trader wants to know this week: How have you reacted, speaking from a business perspective as a buyer or a seller, to the eBay changes? Have you switched to a different auction outlet? Participated in any boycotts? Left the online giant altogether?

Let me know at, or post it in the comments here.