Question of the week – Most reliable antiques subset?

I’m asking readers to take few moments and think before they respond to the question this week, just a few deeps breaths and then respond.
It’s too easy to say, if you’re a collector of glassware, that glassware is then the most reliable. Or whatever segment you happen to participate in.
I also want to shy away from making generalizations about the business. “If you buy what you love, then it never loses value.”
This may be true, and I readily acknowledge that you shouldn’t start buying solely as an investment, but we all know it’s happening.
For my part, I’ve always seen good jewelry and good folk art sell, no matter what, a make good on a return. Whether I like these forms or not is irrelevant.
So when you stop and think about it, looking at all the things you come across at shows, shops and auctions – or rummage sales and flea markets, I don’t care – what do you see that, in your experience, reliably sells and holds or increases its value?
Let me know at, or post a comment here.