Question of the week: When to Insure?

Whatever our instinct to collect is, it must go back quite a ways. I would even posit that our desire to accumulate things is as old, and as evolved, as our consciousness itself.

What a person possessed, or didn’t possess, always did – and still does – represent their place within a society. At one time it might have had implications about what you could do with your life, and where you can go. Fortunately for us, we live in the Twenty-First century in the U.S. All you collection does is satisfy an individual need and broadcast – depending on what you collect, and a what level – your good taste, or lack thereof, to the world at large.

And, when I mentioned that lack of taste before? I wasn’t talking about what you collect… It’s a well-known fact that you have fantastic taste…

In this day and age, when everything seemingly has a value, it’s a must to make sure your collection is safe. It’s loss may not mean societal downfall, but it could well mean financial if anything is lost, stolen or broken, especially when the collection represents thousands and thousands of dollars and years of effort.

Here’s the question then this week: At what point is your antiques collection officially worth insuring? How, exactly, do you decide?

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