Reaching the Great Wall of China

Not a lucky hero until he reaches the Great Wall– I have learnt these words from many people about the Chinese Great Wall. So it is all-natural that curiosity is grown in me to see and reach the Great Wall. Why to miss the golden chance to turn into a hero?

Everyday travel strategy to the Chinese Great Wall hangs on the notice board of the Youth Hostel of Jianglong Five Star Hotel of Chiangong District, Getting. Apart from the entry fee or other connected charges, only transportation containing lunch in 80 RMB (Chinese Currency). Booking is total. I along with 13 overseas tourists begin our journey to the Great Wall very early in the morning. It is summer, so the weather is very clear but hot. Air is very hot and dry, so no sweating. We are proceeding towards the historical wall, one of Seven Wonders of the World in the middle ages. My heart is getting thrilled to dream of joining the Hero group.

Left and right, there are huge buildings, Chinese Industry, a huge selection of people working, excellent greenery. After five kilometers, urban area finishes, and then starts the hilly and green regions. These places are well planed. They may be planted in such a way that it is like a massive garden. Hundreds of autos are going to and coming back from the heritage. “Wahoo, Look” a fellow traveler cries out as soon as he sees a watch tower at an extended distance. We all can see that. My heart is swelling with hot blood at such an auspicious moment. I’ve many friends. Who can beat me in heroism? As we advance, we are able to see the upper part of the Wall. After about 15 minutes, we reach the parking place. The Chinese guide speaking English, is guiding us. With a very strange wonder, I am taking a look at every single object. Hundreds of shops primarily gift shops are everywhere. Photo paintings, toys, diverse objects containing the picture of the Great Wall are the key items to sell in those shops.

Lots of sales boys and girls are inviting the foreign tourist to their respective shops. The guide advises us to purchase enough water. Anyway, we’re proceeding to the ticket counter. An extremely massive region is ahead. I get an entry ticket for 35Y. Then I proceed to another counter for the cable vehicle ticket for climbing up the Great Wall. Now all of us proceed to the cable auto station. There are lots of small boxes- some are climbing up the Great Wall one and another whilst some are coming down from the Great Wall to the station. Anyway, we enter into 3 boxes. The supervisor starts the cable auto and we’re climbing up to the historical Great Wall gradually. Oh! What fantastic scenery we are able to see. The city of Beijing is just ahead of my eyesight. The higher I rise the greater the scenery appears. Immediately after 1:30 minutes, I step towards the Chinese heritage – the Great Wall. On the step I can see the big writings on the wall in Chinese and English – “Not a lucky hero until he reaches the Great Wall of China“. So I am now obtained the historical certificate – I’m turned into a Hero.

We see the Watch Towers left and right. The Great Wall isn’t merely a wall. It is like wide road. The majority of the way goes up and down with stone stairs. Each side of the road is guarded by two high and thick walls. You will find gaps in the side walls. The watch towers are like small buildings with Chinese style. The entire of the Wonderful Wall is in the zigzag form. So, standing on a watch tower a single can see the huge part of the Great Wall.

Actually, the Great Wall can be a magnificent construction of ancient China, one of many wonder in the background of human civilization. The construction of the Fantastic wall begins in the 7th centuries B.C. Through the period of over 2000 years, greater than 20 Dukes or Princes and feudal dynasties have contributed towards the building of the Great Wall. It’s listed as one of many worlds’ cultural heritages by the UN Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization within the 1987. With the magnificence and splendor, the Great Wall is attracting an ever-growing quantity of tourists from all corners of the globe. The Wall is constructed in order to guard China from the attack from Hun attacker. After the revolution in 1949, the communist Govt. of China has begun to repair the Chinese wall. The Great Wall is extended to about 1400 km.

The tourists are not able to travel each of the length of the wall. Only some parts are open to visit for the tourists. The portion in Badaling, Jinshanling, Jiankou, and Simatai are mainly visited by the visitors. Thousands of regional and overseas tourists, male, female, young children are busy in tour. Some researchers are identified busy in experimental works regarding many parts of the wall.

I get some pictures of the heritage. We walk up to 15 watch towers. From the highest watch tower, I reach; I see the horizon filled with Chinese villages, little towns, rivers, forests etc. At about 3:30 PM we start to get down. It is really intriguing to get down though the forest in a zigzag way. We’re obtaining down but we’re taking up the historical memory in our heart for ever.