RIP Sam Pennington, Maine Antiques Digest Founder

The Maine Antiques Digest is reporting the death of its founder, Samuel Pennington.

I knew Sam peripherally, as so many in the business did. He created an important paper for the antiques business, one that helped bring alot of northern New England dealers back into the mainstream.

Sam was loved and reviled equally. I always had to hand it to him for being so honest about things in the business, a much cherished and rare trait in this business. We all know, in the antiques print game, you don’t always get to tell things unvarnished. Sam had enough power to do so and not suffer diminished returns for it.

It’s been  a tough month on antiques publications. First Alison Ledes of The Magazine Antiques passes, then Laura Brant sells her stake in the magazine. Now Sam.

To the MAD family, condolences from Trader.