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A wonderful, thought-provoking letter crossed my desk the other morning. It was in response to last issue’s regional focus story on Affordable Antiques of Naperville, Ill. [CLICK HERE to read the full article.] The writer liked the article but felt it was missing a few key points that are working for his business.

The author is Ron Curtis, owner of the Antiques & Collectibles Marketplace of Sacramento, Calif. He talks about how aspects such as location, dedication and reasonable rents are all vital contributors to a successful business.

However, Curtis brings up the subject of the importance of an active Web site. He does not use eBay for his sales. The sales are all driven through his own business site. How much? He says up to half of his business is conducted online.

That’s right. Half.

 “We have 1,200 dolls on our Web site and are the last doll shop in Sacramento, with nine closing over the last 10 years, as they didn’t have a Web site,” he writes.

Curtis’ full letter will be published in a future issue. Until then, visit his Web site to see how it is organized and why it’s encouraging people to buy. You can find it at

Do you have a secret to success that helps you build a better collection or a better business? Please consider sharing by sending to the addresses below.
Welcome back Barbara

On page 10 we welcome the return of Barbara Andrews, author of the “Postcard Album” column. Barbara is back after a several month hiatus as she finished a new book. Believe me, you noticed. I received many letters from readers missing Barbara’s thoughtful columns. We’re glad to have her back. [CLICK HERE to read her most recent postcard column.]

Barbara Andersen of Brooksville, Fla., is the lucky winner of the Antique Trader Treasure Hunt Sweepstakes for January. She wins a new copy of Antiques Roadshow Behind the Scenes An Insider’s Guide to PBS’s #1 Weekly Show by producer Marsha Bemko.

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—  Eric Bradley


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