Skinner CEO Karen Keane gives her take on antiques reality shows

Karen Keane, who has been an appraiser for more than 30 years and whose accomplishments include appearances on Antiques Roadshow – the original program that many would argue is still the best antiques reality show – and CEO of Skinner, Inc., one of the nation’s top auction houses, shares several “truths” we should all keep in mind as we tune in to watch the ever-growing selection of antiques-related reality shows on television.

Truth #1: Antiques Appraisals Happen Every Day

Truth #2: That’s Why They Call It “Rare”

Truth #3: Shady Characters Aren’t the Norm

Truth #4: Estimated Value Isn’t a Price Tag

Truth #5: Collect for the Experience, Not as an Investment

Interested? Here’s what she has to say on the Skinner Blog:

My Top 5 Antique Truths: Debunking the Myths of Antiques Reality TV

You’ll be glad you did … I was.

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