Sometimes tough decisions have to be made

Yes, it’s all about the books again.

Something had to be done.

The library was utter and complete chaos. Books stacked this way and that … choices had to be made. That’s my main task today. Picking and choosing which books will stay on the shelves, which ones will be stored and kept, and which ones we can let go.

One of the books I chose to let go (a rather large, heavy business law book that I had purchased at one of the university book store clearance sales back when I was in college), my daughter decided to use as a weight in building her “fort” in the living room.

I was ready to put it on the free table at work, but my daughter found a 1963 dollar bill pressed between the pages. And I heard my husband say something like, “That’s why we need to look through all of them before we get rid of them.” But he thought that book was from one of the caches purchased at auction.

1963 dollar.jpg

I know that’s not the case, but I honestly don’t remember putting the dollar in there. It must have been in there since college, which is about two decades ago now! More years than I care to admit most days…

So, my task will take much, much longer than originally anticipated so I don’t inadvertently send pressed treasures along to someone else.

Have a great weekend everyone! And always keep an eye out for those treasures that may be hiding right under your noses!

Have any of you ever found anything like that where you didn’t expect it? Have you had any “near misses” like this? What was it?

— Karen