Speaking of amazing architecture in Dubai…

This will be the last post about Modern architecture today, I promise. As you might be able to tell, I’m a bit of a biulding nut.

I wrote below, in the post about IBM building 25, about the U.S., and the world, lagging behind Abu Dabhi in architectural innovation, and this site only goes to prove it.

Look at what Dubai has planned for itself. Putting all the inequities in that society aside, it’s quite amazing, really. If Dubai can pull of all of these buildings, it will truly outshine, archiecturally, anything America or the world has pulled off in terms of imagination and innovation of urban space.

Just a big wow here for some of these buildings. The one below is but a sampling of the amazing stuff being planned there.

The tallest building in the world? A resort, literally, in the louds… Crazy, man, crazy…

The big question is will it all be built, and will it last?