Spring cleaning -> is it time to purge?

As I gear up for spring cleaning this year, I ponder the question:

Do I not pick up items that I’m drawn to because I don’t want to part with the money? Or is there something else that’s holding me back, like “Where would I put it?”

As our house remodel winds down, as we finish rooms, we fill them with things we’ve had in storage. There are some things that I’ve completely forgotten about. In those cases, do I really need those things if I haven’t even missed seeing or using them?

Do I have a problem parting with things I haven’t used in 2 years? Sometimes. It depends what those things are.

How about you? Are you content leaving treasures in storage? Do you cycle through your items, changing out your decor occasionally to still enjoy those things you have, but don’t necessarily have enough room to display all at once?

What’s your decorating with antiques strategy?

— Posted by Karen