The visit to the antique mall results

A while back, I mentioned I was taking my daughter, who is 6, to the Fox River Antique Mall for her first antique mall visit.

I’ll bet you’re all on the edges of your seats wondering how that went.

I have to tell you, I was nervous taking someone so young – who likes to touch everything – to a mall that is packed with as-yet unfound treasures.

I was pleased with our visit. My daughter followed my instructions and only had to be reminded a few times about not touching the breakables.

I asked her what she liked the most about the antique mall, and she said, “All the bones.” (They have a booth that has many fossils and petrified items for sale.)

All the furs also made an impression on her … a not-so-pleasant one. We were both somewhat mortified by the “rare monkey fur hand muffler.”

Sad to say, though, that the oak bookcase/secretary that I wanted was gone. And so were the end tables that I was sitting on the fence for and finally made up my mind to buy. Sad for me, happy for the dealers.

I guess I just have to remember: If you snooze, you lose.

Have any of you ever lost out on an antique treasure because you waited or couldn’t make up your mind? I’d appreciate it if you would post a reply here and let us know.

— Karen                  

Karen Knapstein

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