This weekend …

I mentioned a while back that I was able to attend the Shawano Flea Market the weekend before last. Last weekend, I couldn’t do much by way of auctions, fleas, or the like because I had to work. However, my husband and daughter were able to catch an auction and then go to the zoo. I haven’t seen all the “treasures” they came home with … come to think of it, I haven’t seen any of them. But I did hear that they bought three bikes (two for my daughter and one for me), some old boxes, and some box lots that “we” need to go through yet.

Having a pickup truck is both a blessing and a curse!

My daughter, being the sensitive and thoughtful child that she is, told me yesterday that it “wasn’t fair” that I never get to go to the zoo and auctions with them because I’m “always working.” In truth, I’m not always working, but it only seems so because it’s when I do need to work the occasional weekend, that they decide to go do something really, really fun.

The plans for this weekend? Well, the little one (who is 6) has decided she’s going to be spending most of the weekend away from home visiting & spending the night at her aunt’s.

Now it’s Friday afternoon, and the possibilities abound. My mind is reeling: Auction? Flea market? Yard sales? Antique shops & malls that we haven’t had the opportunity to check out lately? Hmmm. Princeton, Wis., has a wonderful weekly flea market, held each Saturday through the summer. It’s held in the town park and has several antique shops and malls within walking distance. Here’s how they bill it:

Browse “Wisconsin’s Largest Weekly Outdoor Flea Market”
featuring over 175 booths every week. Our market is held every Saturday
(Late April through late October, in our tree-shaded City Park, and
attracts thousands of shoppers weekly. Admission and parking are free.
Enjoy food, refreshments and visits with great friends.

I think, though, the final decision will be based on the weather … Rain=shops/malls; Shine=fleas.

Good luck to all of you in your weekend endeavors, whether buying or selling — have a great one everyone! We’d love to hear about your weekend (or weekday, for that matter) antiquing adventures. Post a reply here or e-mail

 — Karen