Tias.com dealers log 38% jump in sales; new Q4 services planned

Ok, so this news is a little late, but it makes me curious to see how September’s sales will be like on Tias.com as well as some of the fourth quarter plans mentioned below. Creator Phil Davies has been a tireless champion of antiques dealers on the web.

“TIAS.com, the Internet’s largest antiques and collectibles mall, recently reported their online merchants saw an average increase in August 2010 sales of 38 percent when compared to the same period in 2009.

Over the past two months the company has initiated a number of changes to their ecommerce system making it easier for buyers to find and purchase inventory from TIAS.com merchants. Late last year TIAS successfully launched their “TIAS Trusted Merchant” program, which guarantees all online purchases from TIAS merchants for up to $500 of the purchase price. These new programs have resulted in increased sales and increased shopper awareness of the TIAS.com antiques and collectibles mall.

“Considering the current state of the economy, a 38 [percent] increase in sales is very significant,” said Phillip Davies, President of TIAS.com. “We are very pleased with our sales numbers for August and from what we have seen in September sales, it also looks like we are on course to see significant sales growth for the 2010 Holiday shopping season.”

For the fourth quarter of 2010 the Web’s oldest and largest online mall is scheduled to roll out a number of exciting new services and features for both buyers and sellers of antiques & collectibles.”

-posted by Eric.