Up and Running

After six months of wrangling and re-doing, the new Antique Trader blog is up and running. Soon to follow will be a total site re-build that will bring you the best of Trader, in an easy to navigate format, with this blog to let you sound off on whatever antiques-related issue you want. We might even be willing to run with a few peripherally related issues as well.

This will be a place to post and discuss and latest antiques news, as well as reports on shows, shops and auctions.

Also, if you have any questions for me, or about Trader – just about anything you’d want to know – please post away. The only way we can make both our site and our publication better will be through user-generated ideas that give you what you want from Trader. Plus, as editor of such a venerable publication, I really want to know how to best serve you. Let me know, and thanks!