Weekend wasn’t ‘wonderful,’ but it was productive

Going into last weekend I was optimistic that I finally had a weekend that I could do whatever I wanted. I didn’t have any set plans, mind you, but I had several options that I was narrowing down: estate auction opportunities on both Saturday and Sunday, flea market opportunities on both Saturday and Sunday, or knuckling down and starting to go through my attic treasures. Endless possibilities!

Alas, such freedom just wasn’t meant to be. Getting saddled with another youngster – this one younger and higher maintenance than my own – for the weekend knocked out the possibilities that had been jingling around in my head since late Wednesday evening.

Needless to say, I was cranky. I’m usually pretty easy going, but when decisions like that are made for me, I have a hard time keeping from “losing it.” After all, time is one of the few things you can’t get more of.

But I made the best of my situation and got some much-needed organizing done. I hadn’t gone through my purchases (mostly box lots) from the last estate auction I attended, which was piled up in my garage and taunted me each and every time I went in there; I decided to get that taken care of so I could go to the next one with a clear conscience.

What fun it turned out to be!

I found some great old advertising pieces in the boxes of sewing rick-rack, as well as some fantastic old sewing and mending tools. (Have you ever noticed that the boxes from matches … simple little stick matches … are nowhere near as appealing as they were 50 years ago?)

Do any of you know when manufacturers stopped making all-metal children’s “safety” scissors? You know, the ones with the rounded tips … those were a curious find that I’ll have to do some research on …

I went through box after box of old cookware, cut glass, holiday decor, and so on. Tackling it like that made me have to decide then and there what I would keep and what would have to go.

I’m keeping an eclectic (but pristine condition) variety of bowls; I decided I really didn’t need the old pots, pans, or another graniteware roaster … those can “go”; I’ve got to keep all the little sewing do-dads and notions; and the best thing of all: I’m happy with all my decisions. I believe having the weeks to think everything over helped me make good, solid decisions as to what I would keep and what I would get rid of.

I’m still undecided about the Fire King Copper Tint pieces though. They’re perfect! And they still have the stickers! … but what am I going to do with them?!

Perhaps with more time and thought the decision will be easier.

What do you all think? Do you take your time and mull it over when you’re going through your collections or auction purchases? Or do you make shoot-from-the-hip decisions and just live with those decisions? Do you regret those decisions later?

Post a reply or drop us a line and let us know …

— Posted by Karen