What do you think of this new site – www.antiquesacrosstheus.com

This is a good idea, but there are many good ideas out there… It’s a new site called www.antiquesacrosstheus.com, and it needs the help of dealers and buyers to get the word out and get sites linked.

The lady who started it sent me this press release:

AntiquesAcrossTheUS.com was born out of frustration.  In the summer of 2005, my family decided to embark on an antiquing extravaganza.  We rented a trailer and spent three days filling it up with our treasures from the “World’s Longest Yard Sale.”  Well, we got some great bargains at the yard sale which filled two-thirds of the trailer.  Great, we could hit the antique malls on the way home to California!

We planned ahead by locating a couple websites listing the stores we intended to visit.  The databases did not seem to match, but no worry, we printed both to be safe.  Boy, were we surprised when we arrived at town after town and could not find the stores.  The listings we had so diligently printed were about ninety percent inaccurate.  The websites apparently had not been updated in ages.  That was the summer the idea for antiquesacrossamerica.net was born.

The idea was to develop an up-to-date website of the antique stores/malls across the United States.  The site will be constantly updated through contact with subscribing stores and malls and fine-tuned by visitors to these establishments.

You will have noticed two web addresses by now.  There are currently five, for the user’s convenience.  They are as follows: AntiquesAcrossTheUS.com, AntiquesAcrossAmerica.net, AntiquesAcrossTheUS.net, AntiquesAcrossAmerica.biz and AntiquesAcrossTheUS.biz.   This website was designed by antiquers for antiquers.  Since we are located in California, we began entering data for those antique malls and worked our way east across the nation.  At present, an asterisk next to the state’s name on the home page identifies the completed states.

Minimum information of the antique malls listed will be the store name, address, and phone numbers, while the hours of operation, square footage of the store, number of dealers, a list of specialties and a link to the store’s website will be included for paid subscribers. This website, unlike many others, will be constantly updated.  The antiquing public will be invited to email me with any information or changes they think would be useful.  I will then enter the information with the “visited” date nearby. Also, the pages are designed to print easily in landscape format on a standard piece of paper. No more long lists to print that go on forever. We have chosen to enter as many stores on the website that we can locate through good detective work. Most diligent antiquers will agree that it can be rather difficult to find some great, hidden antique malls. 

It is our hope that you will now spend many more hours hunting for your treasures and much less searching for the store!

There have been a few who have tried this type of site for antiques and it never quite takes off. Maybe this one will have the charm. Check it out…