What might this mystery antique item be?

We here at Antique Trader have another mystery on our hands. Have a look at the image and the letter below:


Hi! I hope someone out there can help identify this item! It was in a box of miscellaneous stove parts I purchased at auction. This item is approximately 15 inches long, almost 4 inches high at the round end, has a slight amount of red paint left in areas, has “2BH” on the handle, and has a pulley-type end on the handle inside the round portion. Any help or ideas is appreciated!

Thanks, Debbie, via e-mail

Well, it looks like cast iron and has a handle … we’re at a loss.

Are there any other readers out there who have seen this item before? Send your comments to AskAT@fwmedia.com or ATNews@fwmedia.com and they will be published in a future edition of Antique Trader magazine.

— Karen Knapstein