What’s in a name?

I paid more attention to usernames while perusing Twitter this morning (by the way, you can follow Antique Trader on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AntiqueTrader), catching up on all kinds of news and happenings.

And it occurred to me that I don’t put any effort into my usernames when I open a new online account somewhere, whether it’s for a forum or a merchant site. People with businesses, however, have to put a bit of effort into naming their “brand.”

I would imagine the first thing you need from your business name is you need it to be memorable.

But what else do you consider when you pick a name? Do you just pick something that sounds good?

What do you think? Can you help out and answer this question for me? How did you come up with your business name, or how do you come up with your user names?

By the way, some Twitter names that I really like because they seem to say it all and are memorable: gypsytrading, bookbrowzers, fleapirates, thepickerpages, oldpixels.

— Posted by Karen

Karen Knapstein

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