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Introduction to collecting rocks and minerals

Why do people collect rocks and minerals? There are as many reasons to collect them as there are types of collectors: for their beauty or rarity, for their monetary value, for lapidary or jewelry-making uses, metaphysical purposes, for scientific study, and for fun.

Defining rocks and minerals

What are rocks and minerals, and what is the difference between the two? A mineral, by definition, is any naturally occurring inorganic substance generally characterized by a definitive crystal structure that is classified according to the way the atoms of the mineral are arranged.

Book series combines antiques with mystery

The first two “Trash ’n’ Treasures” mysteries in a series by “Barbara Allan,” a pseudonym used by the husband and wife mystery writing team of Barbara and Max Allan Collins are a delight for antiques buyers and sellers as well as mystery lovers who enjoy being one step ahead of the...

Watches price guide keeps on ticking

For a very long time now the “Complete Price Guide to Watches” has been an excellent resource for most anyone involved in buying, collecting, or selling small timepieces.

Inside John Lennon’s Beatlemania

The year 1962 was a big one for John Lennon, both personally and professionally. In addition to the untimely death of one of his best mates, Stuart Sutcliffe, and his band scoring a recording contract, the year also saw Lennon tie the knot with girlfriend, Cynthia Powell, on Aug. 23.

2010 Appraisal Studies just released

The 2010 edition of “Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies” contains 18 in-depth original research articles, reviews and topical discussions relating to personal property appraisal.