Antique Detective: Dinner setting can be made complete

Q We recently acquired this ceramic pot that we believe is a “Newcomb” based on descriptions in a price guide. The photo in the guide is similar. No signature. According to the guide, pieces of Newcomb were not signed in the “matte-glaze” period that ended in 1930. Might this be from this period? And what could the current value be? M.K. – Boynton Beach, Fla.

A Your jardinière is of the type made in the Newcomb College style from 1910 to 1930. The clue is the low molded relief design of your piece that was developed as a new technique around 1910. A few unmarked pieces are known. The  pottery symbol, an “N” within a “C” was used on almost all pieces. My best advice is send photo and details (including where you acquired it) to John Toomey Gallery, 818 N. Blvd., Oak Park, IL 60301. They specialize in 20th-century Arts and Crafts objects. View their catalogs on line at

Q Can you tell me approximately how old these Disney nesting/stacking boxes are and value? K.M.G. – Pueblo, Colo.

A Your Disney nesting/stacking boxes date to the 1940s. They could sell for $75 or more.

Q I would like to know what the value of this platform rocker would be for insurance purposes. J.E. – Grayslake, Ill.

A For insurance purposes the replacement value could be $200-$300.

Q About 50 years ago I inherited this Canterbury from a great aunt. It has a drawer and four slats that separate the sections. What is it worth? I.H.D. – Littleton, Colo.

A From your photo, your Canterbury (a stand with spaces for magazines, sheet music, etc.) dates from the 1830s and could sell for $800 or more.

Q I would like to know how I can get replacements for my 12-place Limoge, made in France dinner setting. It is the Old Abbey pattern. T.K. – Natrona Heights, Penn.

A Contact Replacements Ltd., 1089 Knox Road, PO Box 26029, Greensboro, NC 27420. Or email