Antique Detective: Charming glass flask is not the real thing

stiegel flaskQ. I purchased this glass flask with this charming painting on it. It was sold at auction as a Stiegel early American glass flask. I know there are many lookalike Stiegel pieces. It was reasonably priced, but I want to know if it’s real Stiegel. B.R. – Canada

A. Your enamel decorated flask is one of hundreds still being made and sold as Stiegel-type. Those with pewter tops such as yours sell for around $50-$100. Henry William Stiegel, a German immigrant, opened his first glass factory in America in 1763 and it lasted until 1774. Similar glassware was being made in Europe at that time.

Q. I purchased this table lamp recently and would like to know if it is Murano glass. It is heavy pink glass with gold bubbles and flecking. What is the value? It has no marks. V.K. – Kansas City, Kan.

A. From your photo you have an American lamp made in the 1940s or ’50s. It could sell for $100 or more.

Q. My grandmother gave me this hall table with a matching, etched mirror. The top is pink marble that was damaged during a move. Can you give me information and the value? T.T. – Glenview, Ill.

A. In perfect condition this Renaissance revival 19th century hall stand could have a price of $4,000 or more.

victorian chairQ. This chair (one of a pair) belonged to my grandmother. My research has not turned up any as heavily carved and with needlepoint seats such as these. Can you help me with age and value? They seem to be referred to as Rococo. M.S. – Tampa Bay, Fla.

A. Your side chairs are in the Rococo Revival style, circa 1850s. The needlepoint seats were probably added later. The beautiful carving puts them in the $600 each value.

renaissance federal standQ. This antique has been in my family for more than 75 years. We always called it a telephone table as our phone set on top of it. Any idea of age and value? G.E. – Spring Grove, Ill.

A. From your photo the cabinet is in the Renaissance revival style and the bottom is Federal style, leading me to believe the piece was made in the 1920s when styles were combined. It could have been used as a phone cabinet/table. A value could be $300 or more.

Q. Can you give me some information on this Carnation milk glass container? G.T. – Dade City, Fla.

A. Your milk glass Carnation/malted milk advertising container with the spun aluminum top, made in the 1940s-’50s has a value of around $250.

Q. I have a dinner service for eight marked Kenmark China, with serving pieces. I would like to know the value and where to sell them. C.H. – Sarver, Pa.

A. I found many examples and patterns on the eBay. Check it out for pricing ideas.

Q.  Many years ago I purchased a small photo album with tintypes of African-American subjects. How can I find their value to sell them? J.P. – Lexington, Mo.

A. Send information and photocopies to James D. Julia Auctions, 203 Route 201, Fairfield, ME 04937. Price estimates can range from $200 and up apiece.

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