Antique Detective: Table’s value is iffy

Q My mom gave me this table 18 years ago. I don’t know the history, only that it appears to be a hutch table and is put together mainly by a dowel system. It can be opened as a bench with a storage compartment underneath. Any idea of what it is all about?
—A.C., Kansas City, Kan.

A For starters your table is an example of convertible furniture, made in the Arts and Crafts era (1894-1923). While it can be a rarity it is in such bad shape that it has little value. It is in the style of Gustav Stickley but only an expert appraiser in the category can evaluate it. If it can be attributed to a specific maker, i.e. Stickley, and professionally refinished, the value could be $5,000.

Q Please evaluate this piece of furniture that is called a Ta-Bed that opens from a desk/table to a bed. The metal label underneath says it was made in Chicago.
—J.F., Orlando, Fla.

A Your example of “patent furniture” was made around 1916. Between 1873 and 1917 furniture that had more than one use was popular and much was made in Chicago. Since it is still very desirable your desk/bed could sell at auction for $900 and up.

Q My husband purchased this lamp/vase at a yard sale 50 years ago. What can you tell me about it and value? It has no marks.
—M.P. D., Boston, Mass.

A Your lamp started life as a vase. You would probably find the words “made in Japan” if you removed the wood base. It is known as “Satsuma.” Your lamp was made for export in the 1920s/30s. It could sell for $400 or more.

Q Can you tell me what this tea pot is worth? On the bottom it says “Hall.”
—P.L.H., Weymouth, Mass.

A Hall China Company teapots are popular with collectors, especially those like yours from the 1950s. Prices are highest for those in the most interesting shapes. Yours in the Aladdin shape and 1950s chartreuse color could have a price of $175.

Q This table was given to my mother about 40 years ago by an elderly lady. Can you tell me anything about it? As you can see it is heavily carved
—W.H., New Kensington, Pa.

A From your photo I believe you have a Victorian parlor table, Renaissance Revival style, circa 1875. The table appears to be in good condition with excellent carving and could have a value of $800 or more.

Q My Conant Ball armchair is stamped on the bottom “716c and 17112.” Can you tell me anything about it?

A Conant Ball Company had a factory in Gardner, Mass., and retailed at Macy’s. Your blond wood armchair is in the Danish modern style, 1960s. It could sell for $1,500.