Antique Detective: Valuable mantel is an architectural antique

qa nov childs highchair QU 2-1.jpgQ This child’s highchair has been in my family since 1903. It still has the original finish, but no tray. I am interested in the history since the carving on the back looks like an old English court jester. We think it is oak and would love to know its value.
– K.T., Kittanning, Pa.

A Your highchair is known as an oak pressed back. There were many different designs pressed into the chairs and tables. The most elaborate highchairs can sell for $500, if they’re complete. Highchairs similar to yours sell for around $150

qa nov marble bust0128 QU 2-1.jpgQ I inherited this marble statue originally purchased at a Mellan estate auction. It is a white marble bust, 22 inches high. On the back it says, “A Pizza Carrara.” The marble pedestal is 39? inches high. What is the value?
– A.R., Tucson, Ariz.

A Your charming bust of a young woman was made around the late 19th century and was found in the homes of the wealthy. It could sell at auction for $5,000 or more.

qa nov marble mantel0130 QU 2-1.jpgQ This fireplace mantel is in a home built in 1899-1900. It has marble with decorative inlays. I was told they could be of some value. I would appreciate your input.
– B.J.F., New Kensington, Pa.

A Your mantel is classified as an architectural antique and is very desirable. Similar pieces have sold for more than $5,000 at auction. You might want to send photos to Red Baron Auctions, 6450 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, GA 30328