Ask Antique Trader: Consignment shop vase could bring $200

My mother purchased this covered dish at a flea market. It says “Italy” and Corde’l” on the bottom. Is it of any value?
— L.R., Bedford, Pa.

From your photo you appear to have a late 19th to early 20th century candy dish. The number on the bottom refers to the mold number. It could sell in a shop for $25 dollars or more. 

I found this pottery jug with enameled patch motif in a consignment shop for $25. On the bottom it is marked “Italy.” What can you tell me about it and the value?
— D.Z., Delray Beach, Fla.

Your decorative jug is in the Modern style, probably done in the 1950s. It could sell at a specialized auction, like John Toomey Auctions, Oak Park, Ill., for around $200.

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