Ask Antique Trader: Dragonware moriage values down

Q I got this Dragon moriage pottery in South Ga. many years ago and won’t part with it until I find out what it is. It has a dragon motif, where the dragon is coming out of the pot and going back in. I’ve tried to look up the mark to no success. Can you identify this piece? Thank you.
— J.S., Fort Irwin, Calif.

A Prices for average Dragonware moriage have been falling for some time. Pieces that once commanded $200 to $300 in a shop or auction can be found at $100 these days.

Although yours is larger than most and the slip trail flowers appear in good condition, it looks like some of the applied gilt decoration on the dragons is worn.
The vase is probably worth around $50.

Q Here are pictures of a small pitcher or vase that my father brought home from France in WWII for my mother. Mouzin-Lecat markings are on the bottom. Could you please tell me its approximate value?

A Your vase is majolica and it hails from Belgium. It is very collectible and it wouldn’t be surprising to see this priced anywhere from $75 to $100.

Eric Bradley is the editor of Antique Trader magazine and a former producer of the Atlantique City Antiques Show. He has been buying, selling and trading antiques and collectibles for 15 years. He can be reached via e-mail at or in care of Antique Trader Magazine, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990.

Mystery chairs solved

I noticed the mystery chairs and recognized them right away as designed by Jens Risom. I had purchased and sold a set of these in the late ‘90s; [I’m] not sure of the value in today’s market. I have included a link to a better description from Treadway Gallery. Great chairs. Hope you enjoy them or make a nice profit.
— D.S. via email.

In a saga that’s lasted since January, the case of the mystery chairs is solved! Treadway Gallery of Cincinnati, Ohio, did indeed offered just two of these chairs for $200 to $400 in a 2008 auction, which makes this one valuable mystery.

Thanks to all our kind readers who offered suggestions.  


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