Ask Antique Trader: ‘Goldsmith mare’ worth $250

This appears to be some metal workers rendition of The Trotting Mare Goldsmith Maid. My wife bought this at auction in 1991. There are no makers’ marks. It appears to be made of copper. We saw the print in your July issue of Antique Trader. The metal rendition is 20 inches from the nose to the  back of the wheel.
— D.B., Lebanon, Ind.

Besides their rustic beauty, folk art creations like yours make fantastic conversation pieces often because it’s hard to pin down what the maker was thinking at the time. Your copper work trotting horse, rider and sulky very likely represents the famous Goldsmith Maid, the Standardbred racemare in the 1870s whose best time in a one-mile heat was 2 minutes 19 1/2 seconds. It has great decorative character and similar pieces have sold recently for $150 to $250.

I have four small ceramic figures. One says “Uncle Bim,” the others say “Andy Gump,” “Min” and “Chester Gump.” They are marked Japan. What can you tell me about them and their value?
 — L.M., Bangor, Pa.

What you have are a set of comic strip miniature dolls, made in Japan. The set depicts comic strip character Andy Gump and family, circa 1920s. Shop value for the set is around $150.

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