Ask Antique Trader: Old barn cupola has value as architectural antique

Q This Lladro figurine of a nun is in perfect condition and 10 inches high. What could I expect to sell it for?
— T.L., Chicago

A A shop price would be around $325. A dealer could offer half of that.

I would like to know the age of this oak secretary desk and the value. The mirror and hardware are original except for the bottom drawer [pulls].
— S.W., Prosper, Texas

Your secretary desk was made in the 1890s. A current shop value could be $1,500.

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Q Can you tell me something about this old rocking chair and the value?
— R.V., Fairfield, N.J.

Your pressed-back, oak rocker was made by the hundreds in the 1890s into the 1940s and sold through various catalogs such as Sears. However they were out of fashion by around 1910. Such chairs had designs that resemble carving pressed into the wood by a metal die or mold. The fine turnings on the spindles add to the value. In original, good condition yours could have a shop price of $200 or more.

I am wondering if this metal cupola with a weathervane has any value? It is on top of my old barn. Who would be interested?
— S.S.S., Peach Bottom, Pa.

A dealer of architectural antiques could pay over $800 for your cupola. Contact on the Internet. Check the Internet for others.

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