Ask Antique Trader: Pottery puzzle jug valued at $200

Q I inherited my grandmother’s table lamp from when she was wed in 1902. It has a glass back painted shade and a pewter colored base, all original. Could you please look at the pictures and give me an idea of who manufactured it and its worth?
— F.P., via e-mail

Your table lamp features a reverse painted glass shade depicting a pastoral landscape. It was made by the Phoenix company. Lamps very similar to yours have recently sold for $800 to $1,000 but their condition wasn’t nearly as nice as the one you own; a value of $1,200 isn’t out of the question and you may get several hundred more at a well-advertised auction.

This belonged to my great-grandfather. I wondered if it has any value. The bottom has Royal Doulton Lambeth England.
— S.M., via e-mail

A Your Royal Doulton puzzle jug measures 7 inches high and dates to the 1890s. It’s valued at around $200-$300 and is very collectible. The saying the jug goes: “In this jug there is good liquor, Fit for parson or for vicar, But how to drink and not to spill, Will try the utmost of your skill.”

How lucky for you and your family this interesting keepsake survived all these years.

Q To whom it may concern. A few year ago, I inherited a Red Wing product. Its a beautiful deer set, I attached a photo. On the bottom (very faint) is Red Wing. I was wondering if you have any idea of the worth of my product??? Can you please help me????  THANK YOU!
— Mikki via e-mail.

Your Red Wing art pottery piece is officially referred to as a console set because it is not intended to be used to ‘plant’ vegetation. It employs a pottery flower frog in the base, which is used to hold in place the stems of a large floral arrangement. Versions were produced in ivory, purple and green and the set usually measure 10 1/2 inches high by 16 inches wide. It has been valued at $150 to $250 depending if it has any chips or cracks, which could reduce the value further. A caviat: Many of these have recently sold at auction for less than $50, so although pieces are selling they are moving at substantially lower prices.

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