Big changes to Antique Trader


As all of our readers — be they collectors or dealers — have changed with the evolution of antiques trade, so have the publications that cover the hobby.

Our goal has always been to create a resource that is valuable and useful for all types of buyers and sellers. For the last few months we have been working behind the scenes to revamp and update Antique Trader into a publication that’s even more useful for antiques lovers. This includes a batch of new features, popular favorites, more pages, a new physical format and a closer association with our Web site for those of you on the go.

Did I mention more pages?

In the coming weeks we will introduce you to the new features and format, with the new Trader starting with the May 5 cover dated issue. Rest assured, all subscribers will continue to receive the same number of copies of the magazines each year. We just want to make them the best copies they can be.

I’d love to hear what you want to see with this change. Want more pictures and prices? More auction coverage? What do you need to be a better collector or dealer? Drop me a note at or call 800-726-9966, ext. 13233 and let’s talk.

We will, however, be making one change starting in the next issue. We will no longer be focusing on the North, East and West regions of the country. Instead we will concentrate more on photos, prices realized and shows. Once a month we will still focus on the South thanks to its popularity among readers.

American Pickers still a hot topic

In this issue we wind down the feedback from our March 3 cover story on The History Channel’s American Pickers television program. There is no doubt this show has struck a nerve. Next week’s issue will include a column by a professional picker who says there’s two sides to every transaction, but integrity looms large no matter what you’re selling.

antique trader tools price guideWe have a winner

A hearty congratulations is bestowed to Dennis Kluthe of Swansea, Ill., for winning the February Antique Trader Treasure Hunt Sweepstakes. Kluthe wins a four-volume set of hardcover books on historic postcards published by England’s Bodleian Library. The titles include Postcards from Utopia, Postcards of Lost Royals, Postcards from Checkpoint Charlie and Postcards of Political Icons. A special tip of the hat goes out to the thousands of people who entered for a chance to win. Thank you. The sweepstakes for March is for a copy of the newly updated Antique Trader Tools Price Guide, 3rd Edition by Clarence Blanchard, Krause Publications, 2010.

Eric Bradley


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