Books received: Warman’s McCoy Pottery Identification and Price Guide

If you collect cookie jars, kitchenware or even flower pots, chances are pretty good you’ve got some McCoy pottery in the mix.

Now you can easily pin down what those pieces are worth (and shop for the ones you wish to add to your collection) in this book about the Ohio pottery works’ history and output.

Warman's McCoy PotteryWonder how to tell fakes or reproductions from the real thing? There’s a section (complete with photos) that helps you to figure out how which is which. Trying to get a bead on which colors were offered in what patterns? There are plenty of pictures — more than 1,000 in fact — to help you out, and each photo offers up additional details and pricing information.

There isn’t an index, but the book is handily divided by form, so it’s easy to track down listings for everything from crocks, churns and jugs to vases, jardinières, lamps and pet feeders, as well as Loy-Nel-Art.

Vintage advertisements, showcased throughout the book, add to its charm and offer up a useful historical perspective to the featured pieces.

With McCoy pieces taking center stage and top dollar at countless auctions, lining the shelves of antiques shops from coast to coast, and generating activity on various online sites, there’s no better time to be well versed in the world of McCoy.

Softcover, 254 pages, $24.99. Krause Publications,