From the Editor: New face, same mission

You might be wondering who this new face is behind the last few editors’ notes in Antique Trader.

Beginning with the July 8 issue, I began a new role as editor of the magazine. Though it is a new role it is actually my second go-round with the title. I worked at Antique Trader as an associate editor in 2005.

Since then I managed the Atlantique City Antiques & Collectibles Show – a wonderful experience that offered a look like no other how the antiques trade functions for the benefit of dealers and collectors. My favorite part of the job was reaching out to collectors and telling them about the fantastic dealers and their amazing discoveries. I’d like to continue that in the pages of Antique Trader magazine. Just so you know, this is more than a day job to me.

I’ve been a collector and student of antiques and collectibles all my life. When my wife and I married, we planned our honeymoon around an antiques tour of Canada. The first big project we planned together was setting up at a flea market. On weekends, Kel and I and our three children, Patrick, 9, Olivia, 7, and Megan, 5, can be found at country auctions, gabbing with local dealers or setting up at area flea markets. Yes, we prod our little ones out of bed before dawn and haul them with us to flea markets and auctions. This business is tough enough but add in the needs of three little shoppers and the entire day feels like a labor of love. We look at it as training the next generation of collectors.

Former Editor Sandra Sparks decided to put her time and passion against equally important concerns such as catching up with her husband and grandkids. We remain good friends.

My intention is to make Antique Trader an entertaining and ever-better resource for our readers and visitors. This holds true for both the weekly print edition and We are already listing additional stories, prices and news online, exploiting the limitless reach our Web site offers.

As this economic downturn poses continued challenges for media, you can understand why enhancing our Web site and various electronic offerings, such as the free Antique Trader Traveler download, has become a top priority for the title as well as for our parent company. Antique Trader is more than a print publication and you will see a continued focus on the Web.

Online Editor Karen Knapstein continues her excellent work improving our Web site and our outreach to new readers and visitors.

We will be seeking work that examines popular collecting areas and introduces readers to surprising discoveries. We intend to cover a range of topics and include more pricing information.

As you’ll see on page 5, our readers are engaged and interested in what’s going into our magazine. Keep sending your appraisal requests. We get new ones every week and although we cannot promise personal responses we will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Here’s to the joint pursuit of antiques, knowledge and fun.

Eric Bradley