Kyle on Antiques: Norman Rockwell’s babies

Q I found these little flags, and believe they have something to do with cigar boxes. 2CigarFlage.jpgI think they were made in the 1800s. Do you know what kind of value they might have?
– L.B., Somerset, Mass.

A In the early 20th century, boxes of cigars and packs of cigarettes often contained special premium items such as these little flannel flags. These flags for various countries around the world were quite common and even today they generally will sell for only a few dollars each if in top condition.

3Baby.jpgQ I am enclosing photos of two Norman Rockwell prints. They were given to a doctor friend many years ago. The information with them says something aobut Swift & Co. I’d really appreciate anything you can tell me about them.
– C.C., Mullins, S.C.

A These Norman Rockwell prints are based on artwork Rockwell did for Swift & Co. in 1956. They originally were featured in magazine advertisements for Swift’s baby food. The one showing the baby wearing the bib was titled Enjoyment. Your pair of prints apparently was specially printed for distribution to doctors in hopes that they would recommend Swift’s products.3aBaby.jpg

I have no way of knowing how many copies of these were distributed to doctors but they probably are somewhat scarce. Since they feature cute babies they would also have special appeal. I haven’t found any current values for these but I would guess they could easily sell in the $50-$100 range each, depending on their condition.

6Washstand.jpgQ What can you tell about this washstand? It’s quite large, and has a white marble top.
– J.W., Clementon, N.J.

A Your tall washstand with the large white marble top dates from about the 1890s. I can’t tell for sure from the photos, but it may have originated in England where marble tops of this design were more commonly used. It is an attractive piece and in the current market I would guess it would be valued in the $350-$500 range.