Kyle on Antiques: Red Wing treasure

Q My father-in-law gave me this stein about 50 years ago. It was given to him as a gift from the Aster’s. He was their gardener. On the bottom of the stein it says “1909 Made in Germany.” It is 8 inches tall. I hope you can tell me more about it.
 – M.D., Vernon, N.Y.

A Your Mettlach stein appears to be a 1-liter size and the decoration is “painted under glaze” (PUG). This style of decoration is not as desirable as more ornately molded and etched Mettlach steins. In comparing your Model No. 1181 with other PUG steins, I feel it might be valued in the $200-$400 range. The front scene shows a couple kissing below the German word for “Love.”

Q These pictures are of a rocker I bought 20 or 25 years ago at a Goodwill store. The caning was in bad shape. The seat was completely broken and the caning in the back was broken, but there was enough remaining for me to learn how to do the “birds-eye” caning. Some of the wrapping on the arms and legs had been replaced with adhesive tape. The original finish and basic structure was in good shape. I saved and used as much of the original caning and reed wrapping as I could to re-cane the seat. As I was working on it I found markings on the bottom of the seat frame. One is a stamp saying, “Made by The New Haven Folding Chair Co,” Another says “Ladies No. 313 (or 308 – it’s hard to tell). I also found – in Victorian script – the name “Meyer” or “Heyer.” I’m interested in learning more about this chair. We had an antique dealer look at it 10 years ago to give us a valuation for insurance. He said we should insure it for $300, which I found confusing considering the condition it was in when purchased. I thought restoration work generally devalues an antique.
– A.S., Dubuque, Iowa

A Your pretty late Victorian wicker rocking chair is a nice example of designs popular in the 1890-1910 era. The restoration work has only preserved the value of this piece. It is also quite unique in that it carries the original factory tag. I would certainly agree that it could be valued at $300 or a bit more, especially because of the fancy caned designs.

Q I’ve been trying to learn more about this Red Wing water cooler but have found out that it is not as common as a 2-gallon or 6-gallon cooler. I would like to know what you think of the value. Any information will be helpful and greatly appreciated.
– S.P., Dallas, Texas

A You provided some very nice photos of your Red Wing Union Stoneware 10 gallon water cooler. Of course all types of Red Wing pottery are very collectible and your piece features both their “red wing” and “blue oval” marks. I found that a 10-gallon cooler like this with a 4-inch-long red wing mark is valued at around $1,200. Looks like you have a nice treasure.