Kyle on Antiques: Step right up and test your strength

13OvalTable AT 1-30.jpgQ I don’t think this coffee table is very old, but would love to find out any info you might have about it.
– R.V., Tampa, Fla.

A Your oval coffee table features a pierce-carved apron and scrolling legs typical of designs based on early French rococo pieces. Since coffee tables did not become common until about the 1920s I would date your piece to that era. The photo doesn’t show the top very well but I believe it may feature some inlaid designs that would add to the market value of this piece. If it is inlaid and is in overall fine condition I suspect today it might be valued in the $150-$250 range.

14SaddleTool AT 1-30.jpgQ I’d like your opinion about this saddle embosser that I’ve had since the early 1960s. I believe it’s set up to make belts.
– K.F. Heyburn, Idaho.

A It is somewhat difficult to put a value on a specialized machine such as this early saddle skirt embosser. However, because it was used in a very specialized trade (saddle making) and saddles and other Western accessories are very collectible, I suspect this piece would be sought-after. If it is in working order a modern saddle maker would probably love to have it. I can only guess that it might be valued in the $100-$300 range to the right party.

15Strength AT 1-30.jpgQ My arcade strength machine has a hand grip and finger pulls for each hand, plus a lift grip to test how much one can lift. It’s been repainted. I’ve had it since 1962. It still works, taking pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. I have the key to open the back to take the coins out.
–W.L., Milwaukee, Wis.

A Your early arcade strength-testing machine carries the label of The National Novelty Co., which operated in the late 19th and early 20th century. It is appears to be in good condition and apparently still works. You noted that it was repainted and that might lower the value somewhat but it is still an unusual piece. There is a good market today for vintage coin-op machines, so I would guess this machine would likely be valued for $1,000+.