Kyle on Antiques: Two chairs and a chest

8Chair 2-6.jpgQ Is there anything you can tell me about this old chair?
– J.W., Clementon, N.J.

A Your walnut Victorian Renaissance Revival platform rocking chair was probably produced around 1875-1880. It appears to be in good condition and might retail today in the $250-$300 range.

11CountryChest 2-6.jpgQ Lack of space demands that I sell some of my antiques, this chest among them. I don’t know much about its background, but I know it’s pretty old. What can I expect in a price range for it?
– K.G., Milwaukee, Wis.

A Your country-style chest appears to have the original wood graining, which should be preserved. I can’t be certain that the shelf unit on it was made for the piece but if the graining matches it may well have. From the style of the drawer pulls I would date this primitive to the 1880-1910 era. In the right market I would think it could go for around $150-$300.

may19 2-6.jpgQ I inherited this chair from my mom. It is 32-1/4 inches high with a 15-1/4 inch seat and depth of 14 inches. Do you know its origin? It has been in our home for 75 years. The seat cover is not original. I would appreciate any information you may have, including the value.
– J.S., Peoria, Ariz.

A Your delicate little bamboo-turned side chair is typical of factory-made pieces of the 1880s and 1890s. They were used as occasional chairs in parlors or music rooms and not meant for heavy use so quite a few have survived. Similar examples can sell in the $50-100 range in today’s market.