Warman’s flatware guide offers 18,000 prices, 800 pattern photos

This complete sterling silver guide is a must-have for any collector.

Right now the silver market is in a decline with the American economy— and this means a number of things for the sterling silver collectors market. Before the recent decline, silver was in historically high demand (around $50 per ounce) and owners of sterling silver sold a lot of their less desirable silver pieces to smelters to be refined.

Now that the price of silver has gone down considerably (currently hovering around $20 per ounce), sterling silver flatware is once again worth more than the price of the silver. This also means that many rare sets were melted, and consequently the value has risen.

Warman’s Sterling Silver Flatware includes extensive background information on sterling silver and what to look for when collecting: silverware profiles, full glossary, frequently asked questions guide and advice on caring for fine pieces of silver. The book contains more than 18,000 price listings, a 16-page color insert, and over 800 photo identifications. Easy-to-read introductions to each style can be found for all of the listings, and a comprehensive index will help you navigate the book with ease.

Warman’s Sterling Silver Flatware: second edition — Value and Identification Guide, Phil Dreis. 432 pages, paperback, $26.99. Krause Publications.


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