AT Inbox: Customers can still be found in newspapers

Tout antique savings to new generation

Dear Editor,

I read that and had to chuckle a bit. For more years than I can remember, I have been buying “off retail,” at second hand stores, estate sales, flea markets, factory outlet stores, etc. This has been mainly due to a limited budget but has also become a game of sorts, to see just what I can accomplish with little money.

This “game” of mine long predates the current economic woes and actually led to my becoming a successful eBay seller, now in my 11th year of doing this. And for this many years, my better off friends have all labeled me as CHEAP.

Enter the last two years, the recession/depression, stock market blues and all these same friends are now asking for advice and have decided I am no longer cheap but I have now become CHIC!

So that is my suggestion … target the great financial savings that can be gained by buying vintage! And make it chic to do so!

Sue Shoemaker
via e-mail

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Customers can still be found in newspapers

Antique Trader readers answer the question: How you reach your customers. What marketing tools have worked best for you?

“I inherited our store from my Mom and couldn’t wait to start to do some major advertising, both local and online. Despite my recommendations, my Mom is old school (I like old school but you have to evolve in business) so she stuck with her ways.

Local small newspaper ads and individual store product classifieds have worked locally and I’ve used blogging and directory ads online with the best results coming from Travelers Antique Guide. I won’t do e-mail because I hate when I get spam so I just steer clear of that avenue. My eBay store also gets me some additional business.”

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