AT Inbox: Roadshow’s ‘spit and all’ appraisal was shocking

You are about to read the worst act by an Antiques Roadshow appraiser you will ever read.

On the episode of Antiques Roadshow that aired May 3, a man and his oil painting were at the appraiser’s table awaiting the value. The appraiser looked briefly at the camera and stated he knew the painting had to be signed. So he placed his index finger to his tongue, wet his finger and then rubbed his finger onto the darkened lower right portion of the painting and, as if with magic, a signature appeared beneath the surface dust.

If any Antique Trader reader can top this true “shocker” please write. What was the value of the painting, spit and all? $9,000.

Talbert Kanigher

Burbank, Calif.

This self-proclaimed hoarder loves American Pickers

I have been a subscriber to Antique Trader for many years. I almost didn’t renew my subscription this time because I felt your paper was heading to be an art and highbrow publication with too few pages.

I’m glad I renewed my subscription because I see that you are going in a different direction with more pages and more content that everyday people are interested in.

If you cover items similar to the ones Pawn Stars and American Pickers deal with I think your paper will be much more popular. I love to read the letters concerning Pawn Stars and American Pickers that you have been running lately. I wish you had a section concerning them as a regular.

I am a hoarder, collector and picker myself and have been one for over 60 years. I started out picking items out of the trash on my way to school. I have covered the Eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida – I don’t resell, only hoard.

I have tons of coin operated items, old clocks, literature and manuals, parts and signs, electric trains, guns, coins, stamps and lots of other stuff.

There are hundreds of thousands of pickers out there, but we have to stay incognito because if not, we would be susceptible to nosy neighbors, vandals, burglars and over-zealous zoning codes and enforcement officers. If you passed by my properties you would not have any clue of what I have inside. Most of the other hoarders are the same way.

I love American Pickers and Pawn Stars. I watch them because I find them educational and entertaining. I wish there were more shows like that. I tell all of my friends about them and they thank me for it. If there was a publication about them exclusively I bet it would be a hit.

Please don’t publish my name or address because I don’t want to sell anything. When I die my wife will be elated to sell it all.


Thank you for the kind words, Steve. You’ll enjoy the June 16 issue of Antique Trader in which we spoke to American Picker Mike Wolfe on his passion for industrial style. Look to us for more ‘Pickers’ coverage in the near future. — Editor.

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