AT Inbox: Collectors must keep material circulating

I take exception that large collections should be donated to a museum. Most museums are happy to get the collections but cannot display them properly. They end up packed up in the basement, never to be seen again.

If you are fortunate enough to have your material displayed, how many people each year will get to see it?

Wouldn’t it be better to sell your collection at an auction and watch the happy faces of those who get to add something nice to their collections? You get to keep your material circulating among other collectors, who will show it and appreciate it.

A few collectors have already admired pieces in my collection and said that someday they would like to own them. I have marked these items and told these collectors that when I am ready to sell they will be given a price and an opportunity to purchase the items. The remainder of my collection will be sold on the open market. I hope to make many collectors (and a few dealers) very happy.

Conrad L. Bush
Via email

Ed.— Reader’s comment on the Question of the Week posed in the Oct. 28 issue: Have you seen items in your collection lose value during the last few years? If so, are you tempted to sell to recoup your investment?

It is my opinion that collectors should purchase collectibles because they genuinely like them and not as an investment.

Finger Lakes

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